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Sydne Jacques is a world class public speaker and a member of the National Speakers Association. Her messages about "Discovering Your Upper Arrow" and "Leading by Design, Not Default" are inspiring, and empowering. She would be happy to speak at your next Leadership Summit or your organization's conference/convention. Find out more at her new company website

Keynote Speeches

Leadership Retreats

  • A third party facilitator can enhance your retreat by bringing an objective viewpoint. 

  • J&A staff specialize in helping executive and leadership personnel develop the skills to influence the culture of their company.

  • We provide a customized "Design/Build" workshop specifically for the executive staff of your organization. Watch your team "design" organizational improvements and "build" the implementation systems all in one day!

Customized Training

Over the past 20 years J&A staff have received various certifications to teach established training courses. We have also developed a handful of customized training programs and modules that can be combined in many different ways to meet the specific needs of our clients. After discussing your specific needs we can help you to select the course(s) that match you goals, timing, and budget.  Some of the training we can provide are:

  • Discovering Your Upper Arrows - Differentiating Your Organization for Success

  • Engineering Leadership - Lead by Design, Not Default

  • Bridging the Gaps! How to Close Communication, Engagement and Generation Gaps

  • Team-Building for High Performance Team

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