Public Involvement

At Jacques & Associates we pride ourselves on being the industry leader in the field of Public Involvement Services.

We skillfully manage every projects's public involvement needs through the Study, Environmental, Design, and Construction Phases.

We take care of all stakeholder communications for the project team. We meet with stakeholders before each project begins to let them know what to expect. We keep stakeholders informed throughout the project via text messaging, weekly project email updates, designing and maintaining web pages, social media and always being accessible through a project hotline number. 

We focus on the "people side" of engineering and construction projects, and utilize our communication, facilitation and public relations skills to add value.

We personally deal with every stakeholder complaint, comment or issue that might come up during the project. 

Pre-Construction, Environmental, Design 

and Construction Phases

Working with the public, identifying and keeping your stakeholders informed is critically important while the project is being designed. 

Anticipating how stakeholders will respond, and developing the proper strategy to communicate project intentions and expected outcomes greatly affects how favorably the project is viewed and accepted before ground has been broken. 

We skillfully navigate the waters of public perception and help your project be perceived as positive and communicative throughout the Study, Environmental, Design and Construction phases. 

Construction projects don't have to be a pain in the side for government officials, municipalities, public utilities, the project manager, or the stakeholders affected by the project.

The key to a smooth project is good communication between the project team and the stakeholders. 

Creating an Environment of Trust and Effective Communication

  • I-15; Crack & Seat Pavement Replacement - Top Ten UDOT Project 2020

  • Ogden 24th Street Interchange and Railroad Design 2021

  • Salt Lake City Fort Douglas 3 Million Gallon Tank Project 2021

  • SR-75; Bridge Decks and Rotomill - Payson, Springville 2021

  • U.S. 91; Logan 3200 S & 2000 W Intersection Realignment 2021

  • Orem City 10 Million Gallon Tank Project 2021

  • U.S. 191; 400 N to Colorado River Bridge Moab - Top Ten UDOT Project 2020

  • UTA Lehi Pedestrian Bridge 2021

  • Salt Lake City Various CIPP & Point Repairs Sewer Project 2021

  • Park City Rossi Hill Drive Reconstruction; Design & Construction 2021

  • S.R. 74 & S.R. 92 American Fork Micro-surfacing Project 2021

  • U.S. 191; Flaming Gorge Bridges Rehabilitation 2021

Sample of Recent Public Involvement Projects