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The Incomparable Micheal Phelps

Michael Phelps is fascinating to me! I have read about the way Michael trains, how he

visualizes his races and how he believes that it is his emotional conditioning, even more than his physical conditioning, that gives him his edge.

It was his consistent emotional preparedness that allowed Phelps to set a world record for the 200 meter fly in the 2008 Beijing games despite having water-filled goggles. Without having performed his pre-race ritual exactly and having raced the race perfectly in his head countless times, Phelps may have succumbed to hopelessness and given up. Nobody would have blamed him. Instead, he overcame the obstacle and swam the race that he had always pictured.

Jenny Susser, a sports psychologist in New York City stated, “Emotional conditioning is crucial because once you get to a certain level in your sport—everyone is pretty equal physically. It’s those who can handle noise, stress, pressure, and distraction who are the ones that win.”

So how does this relate to Public Involvement and Partnering? We all constantly face noise, stress, pressure and distraction. Have you considered how to better prepare for the day that lies ahead of you?

Here are three things to try:

1) Review. Take time at the beginning of the day to review the items that are already on your schedule, the things that you need to get done that aren't already assigned to a specific time slot, and think about the people with whom you will interact.

2) Prepare. Try and anticipate the things that may not go smoothly – mentally prepare for those obstacles and challenges.

3) Visualize. Think ahead to how you want to “be” today. Maybe it’s healthy, happy, calm and patient. If you start your day with your own vision of success, you can prepare to overcome obstacles and achieve your own greatness like Michael Phelps!

Engineering Happiness

I just found out that I will be speaking at the UDOT Conference again. I am really excited about my new workshop called "Engineering Happiness." One of the very first things that I do when I wake up in the morning is to look out my front room picture window. I have a beautiful view of Mount Timpanogos. I love to take big, deep breaths and look at the beautiful world outside. I can start my day coming from a place of gratitude, and it helps me to be happy.

One of my favorite quotes is "Happiness is not an accident, it's an art. You don't hope for happiness, you plan for happiness, you have to weave happiness like a tapestry." Jim Rohn Come see me at the UDOT Conference to Engineer some happiness of your own, or if you are attending the AWWA Conference in St. George on Sept. 14th, be sure to check out my session on the "Three Pillars of High-Performing Teams." Come get a cookie and say "hi!"

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