Sydne has been facilitating team-building workshops for engineering and construction teams for more than twenty five years. She now takes the lessons she has learned from these 300+ workshops to bring a dynamic opportunity to your organization.


Her workshops are interactive, engaging and always result in an increase of trust and communication for the teams with whom she works.


Partnering Facilitation

Having performed more than 300 partnering sessions throughout the United States and even as far away as Japan, Sydne understands the critical necessity of successful partnering. Effective partnering can set the tone for a project and open critical lines of communication and define roles and responsibilities for the project.


We understand construction teams, their personalities and processes, and we excel in helping projects create an environment of trust and effective communication.


Contact us to find out how partnering can make your project go more smoothly, save money and anticipate and correct problems before they happen.

Partnering is a way of conducting business in which two or more organizations make long-term commitments to achieve mutual goals. This requires team-based relationships utilizing open communication among the participants based on trust, understanding, and teamwork.

UDOT Partnering Field Guide


Why Jacques and Associates?

Sydne Jacques has been facilitating partnering workshops since 1994. In 2016 Sydne was selected by UDOT to serve as the facilitator for it's Partnering Training Program.

Our firm fully embraces the Partnering process and works to make each session 

productive, memorable and successful. 

Attendees walk away with a thorough understanding of the goals of the team, a plan for how to work together, and tools such as an Issue Resolution Ladder that the team has committed to use to make the project a win/win for everyone involved.

Advantages of choosing Jacques & Associates to provide Partnering Facilitation:

  • For UDOT projects, all Partnering facilitations are conducted according to the Utah Department of Transportation/Utah Association of General Contractors Partnering Field Guide.

  • We bring unmatched attitude and willingness to go the extra mile to provide extraordinary service to the project team.

  • Sydne Jacques is a professional engineer and has over twenty-three years experience in the engineering field.

  • Each session is a customized, specific program for the project.

  • Jacques and Associates utilizes dual facilitation.

  • Jacques and Associates provides a Team Charter for each member of the project team.

  • Jacques and Associates provides an email report to each member of the project team.

  • Jacques & Associates asks the right questions.

  • We have an understanding of civil engineering processes and issues, project management and context sensitive solutions. We have experience in using partnering skills to gain group consensus, in committee development and management, and with environmental processes and issues.

  • Jacques & Associates has local government experience. These projects are a great opportunity to create a cohesive team by utilizing the Partnering Process.


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