Our Team:

Sydne Jacques, P.E. - CEO / Principal, 25 Years Experience

Sydne has comprehensive understanding of and extensive

experience with public projects. Since 1994 she has provided

public involvement, facilitated partnering meetings, and taught

training seminars during the environmental, design, and

construction phases for over 130 different public projects.

Sydne has taken the principles she has taught in Partnering for

many years and applied them to PI, always focusing on building

trust. She has worked for more than 25 years in the engineering

industry and she excels at creating stakeholder strategies,

connecting with people in one-on-one settings and facilitating teams. In addition to excellent leadership, she provides strategy, facilitation for Community Coordination Teams and other meetings, project management and chocolate chip cookies.

Fun Fact – Sydne loves a really good scare.

Scott Henriksen - President / Director-Public Involvement   

Scott has successfully completed more than 120 projects for

Jacques & Associates. Before joining J&A in 2010, he worked

for 27 years as an owner in the construction industry and is

able to understand the technical language and details of every

construction project. Those who work with Scott appreciate his

dedication, responsiveness and excellent problem-solving skills.

On one of Scott's first projects with Jacques and Associates he

skillfully coordinated with seven cities, five schools, hundreds

of stakeholders and six government agencies over a three year

period throughout the length of the 21-mile Murdock Canal 

Enclosure and the Canal Trail Projects located in Utah County.


In addition to being a remarkable public involvement manager, Scott has utilized his project management talents and expertise

to develop an “at a glance” reporting system to communicate contract budgeting, public information management responsiveness, and issue and resolution project recording.

Every project manager and resident engineer appreciates the

way we update our budgets and issues weekly and have a visually comprehensive report to show the results.

Fun Fact – Scott speaks fluent Spanish and loves to bake artisan breads.



​​Sheri Ostrom - Financial Manager / Public Information Manager

Sheri graduated from Brigham Young University in 1998

with a Bachelor of Science degree. She spent the next 13 years

helping to manage veterinary hospitals in California and Utah.

During this time, she also found time to start a family.  Married

for 25 years, Sheri now has three wonderful children and a

Brittney Spaniel.

In 2007, Sydne Jacques discovered Sheri's talents working as

a PTA treasurer.  Since then she has proven herself to be a

valuable member of the Jacques and Associates team. A talented and personable Public Information Manager, she is also tasked with oversight of the accounting and financial concerns of Jacques & Associates.

Fun Fact - Sheri is the last person you would expect to be the practical joker in the Jacques & Associates family!



Darryl Jacques - Creative Development Manager / Public Information Manager

With years of experience as a technical writer/editor Darryl also

serves as a website administrator and social media coordinator

for J&A.  Darryl is responsible for keeping projects at the 

forefront of the ever-changing world of technology.

Darryl gained his technological skills working for some of Utah

Valley’s best technology companies: WordPerfect, Omniture and

Adobe. He oversees website design, database administration,

project documentation, technical writing and creative design for

 J&A projects.


Darryl is skilled at developing effective messaging campaigns

and using technology to present campaigns to the widest possible audience of stakeholders. He creates visually stunning presentations for open houses and other public meetings.

He is also the staff photographer and many of his photos have been used in printed publications and in social media.

Fun Fact - Darryl holds the Jacques & Associates record for the most roller coaster rides in a single day, with 73 rides at Worlds of fun in Kansas City!

​​Rosie Fullmer - Public Information Manager

With roots deep in the Cache Valley community, Rosie is an ideal

public involvement manager for projects in Logan and the

surrounding areas.  She has successfully managed multiple road

and trail construction projects in Cache Valley, including:

SR 252 (10th West) Expansion Project, Logan Canyon,

Gateway Trail Project and the Logan City 200 East

Reconstruction Project.


Rosie has been such a successful project manager on the

Logan 10th West project that Logan City specifically requested

her for additional projects. According to Logan City engineer

Bill Young, “Rosie has been so effective at reaching out to the locals with such a knowledge of the community and has become such an integral part of our public relations team, we want to continue to have Rosie represent our projects for Logan City in the future. We don’t want to work with anyone else.”

Rosie's background includes working with the public on university planning organizations and on the steering committee of multiple collegiate sport organizations. In addition, she has been a member of the public works team of a hospital, and has worked in the field of public housing for many years. Her years of experience working with the public have helped her develop great skills in a variety of areas, including communication, writing, advertising, crisis management, and event organization.

Fun Fact - While attending Utah State University Rosie served as the Athletics Vice President, March 2005 – May 2006 and also served on the USU Executive Committee and the Athletic Advisory Board.

Cheryl Wilde - Trainer / Facilitator

Cheryl brings 15 years of Corporate training experience, with

companies like GTE Health Systems, American Express, Assist

International and the Noah Corporation. She has done internal

and external training and consulting, and taught large-group

training sessions. Cheryl has taught management skills classes

and facilitated team building sessions for employees. 

Cheryl has a B.A. in Human Resource Development. In addition

to her training experience, Cheryl is also a technical writer,

producing technical training manuals, instructional guides and

supplemental materials for her training classes. 

At Jacques & Associates, we benefit greatly as she helps us improve HR processes and procedures, while helping us with partnering and internal and external training sessions.

Fun Fact – Cheryl speaks some Korean, likes to travel and loves to make authentic kimchi.

Carin Henriksen - Public Information Manager

Carin received her Bachelors of Business Administration

Degree from UNLV in 1984 and has 25 years of work

experience. She has worked as a legal secretary, office

manager and personal assistant.  Carin is also actively

involved as a volunteer in her community.


Carin manages the administrative duties, event planning,

registrations, reporting, and keeps things running smoothly

at Jacques & Associates.

Fun Fact - Carin is a high mileage runner averaging around 100 miles per week. She has completed 77 marathons at last count, including running the Boston Marathon multiple times.​

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